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3d Display(Move the slider to View Demo )

3d display joomla download


Move the slider to view demo.(Above the generated 3d view of mobile )

The 3d display module is very easy to integrate with Joomla , as now days the website are very user friendly and rich in user interface using

various technology to produce optimized solutions for your website visitor so to extend the user experience   on your website we moved to one level up by providing 3 dimensional view on your website.

Using This extension you can easily unleash the feature of 3-dimensional view by providing simple inputs and parameters to generate the

output according to your requirement. To use this extension you have to provide  major parameter the folder containing  the sequence of image to generate the 3 dimensional view.


Admin Option 3d view

As from technology point of view the extension again keep up with your expectation as it uses client side browser supported j query and java script to provide the out of box concept to come up with solution which gives better and faster solution to your website user rather than using flash or type of script.


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